Positive PR is a powerful thing; it can build brand awareness and authority, position you as a leader within your specialist field and influence potential referrers or the general public. Public relations is a highly effective tool in the healthcare industry, as government regulations and codes of conduct often restrict other forms of marketing.

PR is a highly cost effective marketing tool, working on both a local level to attract new local clients and referrers and on a national level to build credibility and authority in the wider medical community.  

Online Press Release Marketing – grow influence & build SEO

Marketing Online Press Release is one of the best tools to create great awareness for your brand, also exhibiting your high level of authority and influence. We optimise your PR for the most relevant keywords our keyword research and analysis services team work to ensure that it shows in top pages of Google news results or Search Results. A properly search engine optimised press release adds much weight to your site’s domain in addition to enhancing your website’s search engine rankings.

As experts in the medical marketing field, we work with you to tailor a PR program to build your credibility within the medical industry, with your peers and the general public. Using a range of online and offline media,  CJU  Medical Marketing offers a full range of PR services, including press releases, media management, and crisis communications and measuring your PR profile.