Email marketing for medical businesses

Email newsletters are an ideal way to communicate with your B2B and B2C clients on a frequent and consistent basis, sharing industry news, giving advice and tips and offering genuine value add for clients to be on your email newsletter list.

One of the most important things that you can do in any medical business is to create a database of email subscribers so you can easily communicate with your clients or potential clients.  

One of the huge advantages of email is that most businesses achieve about a 20% open rate on email and only a .3% opt-out rate. Make it a good business practice to collect email addresses of patients along with their other contact information.

The quickest way to turn people off your email newsletter is to be shameless self promoters – using your email newsletter only to talk about the great things you’ve done this month.

As a rule, make just one in six articles about you – but not just as a promotion, make sure it still adds value to your reader. For example, you may have a new piece of imaging equipment – talk about the new equipment but make sure you relate it to how it’s better for your patients.

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