CJU Specialist Medical Marketing works with across all sectors of the healthcare industry, offering strategic business development and medical marketing packages designed to grow your medical practice or medical business.

The specialist Medical marketing team at CJU offer medical clients experienced and specialist medical marketing knowledge, focusing on developing a medical marketing strategy that will bring your medical practice or medical business success.

Specialist Medical Marketing

CJU Medical Marketing offers a range of strategic medical marketing services to Medical Specialists to assist in building referral pathways, strengthen referral sources and relationships with GPs, other specialists, clinics, private hospitals and the general public.

Group Practices

CJU Medical Marketing works with group practices of all sizes to develop tailored marketing strategies and programs to help deliver on your practice goals

Aged Care and Retirement Villages

CJU Medical Marketing creates tailored business development and marketing programs to ensure profitability of your aged care / retirement village, using extensive market research and analysis to target the right market for your facility.

Hospital Marketing

CJU Specialist Medical Marketing has extensive experience in working with private hospitals to showcase the facilities to specialists, referrers and the general public to ensure your private hospital is being booked and used constantly.

Dental Marketing

Within this highly competitive healthcare sector, CJU Medical Marketing is highly experienced at creating successful marketing strategies and programs for the dental industry.

Natural Health

CJU Specialist Medical Marketing is passionate about helping natural health providers grow successful businesses, and promoting the benefits of holistic therapies in the broader community.

Allied Health

CJU Specialist Medical Marketing works with a wide range of Allied Health providers to development marketing strategies and business development programs designed to attract and retain patients.

Day Surgeries

CJU Medical Marketing offers strategic medical marketing expertise to help you reach new patients and referral sources, while building your brand and elevating your positioning in the market.


CJU Specialist Medical Marketing offers a range of strategic business and medical marketing services for clinics to create effective medical marketing campaigns and help you grow your business by improving patient retention.