Traditionally, medical referrals from GPs and other referral sources to Specialists were handled through a fairly simple professional network, with medical professionals engaging and meeting with colleagues at hospitals, conferences and through networking events. In today's competitive marketplace it remains an important part of a medical business ensure a continued strong relationship with new and existing referrers.

CJU’s unique experience and extensive healthcare marketing expertise means that we know how to assist you to develop and strengthen relationships with other health professionals. We help build your professional and referral network and know how to develop and positively communicate your key messages through your brand, to ultimately enhance your reputation as a strong, ethical and reputable service provider as well as helping you become a more profitable business.

One-on-one networking builds the brand value for medical specialists and specialist health service providers and is proven to:

  • Quickly develop new referrer paths
  • Strengthen existing referrer paths
  • Build loyalty and higher referral rates from “sometimes referrers”
  • Re-engage referrers whose referral rates have dropped