The need for a strong network of referrers is as necessary to medical professionals today as it has always been – but other factors are now in play. The marketplace has become more saturated and thus more competitive. The changes in the sector have further highlighted the importance and necessity of developing a strong referrer network at an earlier stage of practice; rather than through traditional natural organic growth factors that once relied upon.

CJU  Medical Marketing focuses on helping you develop strong and trusting relationships that result in gaining referral for your practice, your group or your facility by marketing to your existing referral network as well as to new and under-serviced sources for referrals.

Medical Education Events

CJU Medical Marketing works with you to provide your audience with information and education sessions that are designed to highlight your unique offering and service strenghts as well as develop relationships and referral pathways between specialists, hospitals, medical facilities, primary care providers and the general public. 

Medical Networking

CJU’s unique experience and extensive healthcare marketing expertise means that we know how to assist you to develop and strengthen relationships with other medical and health professionals.

Business Development Management

As your outsourced business development team, CJU offers Medical Specialists and specialist providers the opportunity to grow business by increasing your referral base and strengthening relationships with potential referrers, other Specialists providers, specialist clinics and hospitals, as well as the wider community.

We do this by having our group of marketing specialists become your in-the-field business development team. We utilise our industry knowledge and sales and marketing skills to change referral habits and help you acquire more patients who truly need and will benefit from your services and care.