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Knowing how to communicate your medical business or practice your key points of difference is paramount to a growing a successful medical business! Just how you differentiate yourself in the eyes of your customers is key!

While there are a myriad of marketing activities that you can undertake to grow your business, setting a comprehensive medical marketing strategy before undertaking your marketing activities will ensure that they are in-line with target markets, your business goals, and are realistic in terms of delivering leads that will turn into sales.

The ability to think strategically about your business is very different to planning day-to-day activities. Your marketing strategy is the overall guide as to what you are trying to achieve – your goals – and your marketing plan is the more detailed translation into what exactly you are going to do to deliver your business goals.Medical Marketing Strategy

No one knows your strengths better than you.

Often, you are so intrinsically involved in every aspect of your business that you simply don't have the time to sit back and really think top-line about your business. That's why CJU Medical Marketing's Strategic Marketing Workshops are so effective. Give us two hours of your time and we will work with you to get to the heart of your business.

Going through the workshop process during a strategic medical marketing workshop ensures that we are focusing on the core values that make up your business and why customers are buying from you. After setting your top-line medical marketing strategy CJU Medical Marketing will work with you and your marketing budget to develop a realistic and detailed medical marketing plan that can be executed by yourself or CJU as your outsourced medical marketing team.


CJU Medical Marketing recently worked with Campbelltown Private Hospital to host a well-attended Below the Belt urology education seminar.

The seminar featured two prominent urologists in Dr Kayvan Haghighi and Dr Pascal Mancuso, and focused on prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.Campbelltown Private Hospital

Dr Pascal Mancuso started the evening with his talk titled An Update on Diagnosing Prostate Cancer which focused on screening tests recommended for different segments of the population.

Dr Kayvan Haghighi then followed with his presentation titled Prostate Cancer Treatment and discussed the changes in the treatment of prostate cancer and the role of robotic surgery.

CJU Medical Marketing frequently works with service providers and medical professionals to deliver medical educational seminars that provide an opportunity for medical practitioners to discuss the latest treatments, technology, and innovations in the medicinal field, and give general practitioners (GPs) access to the latest updates available.


CJU Medical Marketing has extensive experience in working with hospitals to showcase the facilities to specialists, referrers and the general public to ensure your hospital is being booked and used constantly. Our specialised and expert hospital marketing team work with you to develop and business and overall hospital marketing plan, including detailed breakdown of goals, activities that will help achieve the business goals and milestones for measurement and reporting.

CJU Medical Marketing has been working with Campbelltown Private Hospital for the past two years. Christine Profitt, General Manager, Campbelltown Private Hospital talks about partnering with CJU Medical Marketing.logo

"We have been using CJU Specialist Medical Marketing as our outsourced marketing group for the past 2 years. They have worked closely with us in developing and rolling out our marketing strategies including education seminars, newsletters, specialist lists and profiles and our other marketing collateral.

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The short answer is yes. Hospital marketing shouldn’t look too different from other methods of marketing, yet there are streams that are more effective than others.

If we had a prescription for hospital marketing it would be something like:

Take a business unit (i.e. maternity) as a patient. One does traditional marketing, one does digital marketing, another public relations, and someone undertakes word of mouth. Review regularly.

We need to always remember that marketing is not set and forget and that hospitals in particular can find many PR and word of mouth opportunities. One of the first steps to determining the right marketing for your hospital is to develop an overarching corporate strategy as well as individual business unit strategies due to the different natures and features of each of the areas of the business and how they need to be dealt with.

If we look at maternity, mental health and surgical – they are unique “products” with completely different target segments so the marketing messages and marketing mediums need to match appropriately. Your strategy should take into consideration an integrated approach to your hospital marketing and it shows how both digital, traditional marketing, public relations and word of mouth can work together. A strategy will help you determine what is important for your hospital from a corporate and individual business unit view point for both short term and long term.

A key form of hospital marketing lies in ‘word of mouth’ marketing. To ensure a positive review from patients, hospitals need to offer a great experience. People are more likely to complain than to give praise, particularly when it relates to an experience they have had. What you offer in your services and the delivery of your services is as great a form of marketing as any. Starting from here for hospital marketing will see you ahead of the competition; putting you in a better position for establishing your medical marketing strategy.



He's making a list, he's checking it twice.......

Referrals are key to a successful medical business so it makes good sense to monitor our referrer's patterns. But it often doesn't happen, and the first realisation that referral has dropped is when the accountant advises of a drop in revenue at the end of the financial year.

It's easy to prevent this by making it a monthly habit to monitor your referrals. Most practice management software provides reports on referrers. Schedule time each month to pull reports and check on changes in your referrer patterns. You will quickly identify who has dropped off, who has increased and who is new.   

Then take action. Strengthen the relationship by getting in touch. Make a call, send a note or schedule a visit.  Retaining and strengthening a referrer is much easier than gaining a new referrer.

Follow Santa's tip. Christmas is the ideal time to add more to your professional relationships with your referrers. A card or a gift with wishes for the season lets them know you recognise and value them and sets up a continuation of the relationship in the year ahead.